Simon Game – 1 Hour Game – Phaser

The 1 Hour Game -Simon Game

Sometimes I want to challenge myself to write a game in just 1 hour. Obviously, this does limit what games I can make, but that doesn’t mean the game is just an experiment. My brothers and sisters and I would fight over the Simon Game when I was a kid. If you are too young to know what it is, it was a big plastic circle with 4 buttons that would light up, and you’d have to match the pattern of the song it played.

I will probably adapt this game to use for my work at Gaiaonline, or use it for a new Udemy course. There are plenty of times when I am asked to do quick games, on a low budget and not much time. If you are a game developer you will know this is commonplace.

I set the timer for one hour and made the core logic in 45 minutes. I did use the mega template to complete the game. That does highlight having a good code library at your disposal.

The Simon Game

The Code

Simon Game – Source Code

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