Phaser 3 Physics Snippets

Physic Object
Description:This is a config file example to pass to the game object
Example:var config = { type: Phaser.AUTO, width: 800, height: 600, parent: 'phaser-example', physics: { default: 'arcade', arcade: { gravity: { y: 0 }, debug: true } }, scene: { preload: preload, create: create, update: update } };

Add physics sprite
Description:adds a sprite for which physics will be applied
Example:this.physics.add.image(400, 300, 'ball');

set velocity
Description:set velocity for a sprite
Example:sprite.setVelocity(100, 200)

set bounce
Description:sets the bounce for a sprite
Example:sprite.setBounce(1, 1);

collide with world bounds
Description:will collide with sides of game if set to true

set gravity
Description:sets the gravity on a sprite

set collider
Description:allows a group and a sprite to collide with each other
Example:this.physics.add.collider(sprite, group);

set immovable
Description:sets a sprite to not move when a collision occurs. Great for floors and walls.

collision function
Description:calls a function when two objects collide, char, this.hitTheWall);

Move to
Description:moves an object to a target location
Example:moveTo(gameObject, x, y [, speed] [, maxTime])

Accelerate To
Description:accelerates an object to a target location
Example:accelerateTo(gameObject, x, y [, speed] [, xSpeedMax] [, ySpeedMax])

Convert Radians to Angles
Description:converts radians to degrees
Example:angle * (180 / Math.PI);

set camera size
Description:sets the size of the camera's view
Example:this.cameras.main.setBounds(0, 0, w, h);

Camera follow
Description:has the camera follow the game object
Example:this.cameras.main.startFollow(gameObject, true);

get x and y from angle
Description:gets and x and y direction from an angle
Example: var rads = this.ship.angle*Math.PI/180; var tx = Math.cos(rads); var ty = Math.sin(rads);

add a group of objects
Description:gets and x and y direction from an angle
Example:this.myGroup={ key: 'key', frame: [0,1,2], frameQuantity: 20, bounceX: 1, bounceY: 1, angularVelocity: 1, collideWorldBounds: true });

degrees to radians
Description:converts degrees to radians

direction from angle
Description:converts degrees to radians
Example:radians=degrees*Math.PI/180; var tx = Math.cos(radians); var ty = Math.sin(radians);