Phaser text snippets

Add Text
Description:add a text field to the stage
Example:var myText=game.add.text(100,420,"Hello World");

center text
Description:set the x anchor to 50 percent of the width, giving us centered text
Example:myText.anchor.x = Math.round(myText.width * 0.5) / myText.width;

Text Font
Description:sets the font for the text field

set text color
Description:sets the text field color

font size
Description:sets the font size for a textfield

Fancy Fonts
Description:uses the 4th parameter of the add text function to set advanced font properties
Example:this.titleText=game.add.text(, 100, "Hungry Dragon",{ font: "50px Lobster", fill: "#00D900", stroke: "#222222", strokeThickness: 2, align: "center" });