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Here you will find a lot of free and premium resources, templates, code snippets and tutorials for building  Phaser Games.  What is Phaser? Phaser is an html5/Javascript library that can work equally well on both on mobile and computers. This library is growing strongly in popularity and in many cases, it serves as a replacement for Abobe Flash. Like flash, it uses masks, sprites, tweens, animations, and groups. I have no official association with Phaser but I work in it almost every day.  You can find the official website here. It has a lot of wonderful resources. If you are just getting started then Click Here to see my getting started guide!

My latest Phaser Tutorials

Phaser 3 Input Text About a month ago I needed to find a way to implement a Phaser 3 input text field. This was due to needing to put a form into a Phaser 3 virtual world project I was working on. I had already placed an input element below the canvas for users to send chats to each other, but this needed much more space. Could I accomplish my project's goals without having to totally rewrite a text field, dropdowns, and other form elements ? Then I remembered in Phaser 2 we did have an input field that was ...
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Things in life change. Changes are never easy. But sometimes they are worth it. I have been asked "Should I learn Phaser 3 or Phaser 2?" so often, it is easier just to write a blog post about it and give out the link. Many of us have gone through this choice before when facing the choice between Flash ActionScript 2 or 3. I'll discuss Phaser 3 vs Phaser 2 in this post, and I'm including Phaser CE as part of Phaser 2, as I believe the arguments made apply to all past versions. If you are looking for the ...
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Create and Publish HTML5 Games in 24 Hours This is an excerpt from my new book which you can find here on Amazon Is it possible to publish games in 24 hours? Yes. You can do it in less. I don't do it every single day but with some planning and some of the techniques that I'll show you in this book, it is possible to do. I can start about 7 and publish the game sometime in the early evening. There are many times for employers where I had to come up and finish the game overnight. The core ...
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Phaser Containers Alternative As a developer for a gaming company that has a lot of feedback from its users I understand that people can get very passionate about the features that they're used to having. I'm afraid I was a victim of that passion about a week ago when I saw this notice from Richard Davey(creator of Phaser). This is just a heads-up for those who track issues that support for nested Containers will be removed from a forthcoming version of Phaser (not 3.12, but probably 3.13). The ability to create and use Containers will remain, but you will no longer be ...
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Scaling Games in Phaser 3 with an Alignment Grid As game developers, one of the challenges we have faced since the invention of the smartphone is how to scale the game so it will fit on whatever device the player has. Scaling games in Phaser 3 is no exception. There are a lot of different ways programmer will achieve this.  I'm going to show you the way I've been doing it for work and my own projects. I'm not saying it is absolutely the best way, but it works best for me. It is also an easy concept to explain because ...
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Make Buttons in Phaser 3 We all need a way to easily add buttons to our game. While Phaser CE had this built in, Phaser 3 does not. I understand why resources were put elsewhere since we can always just use a sprite anyway. It is nice to have a way, however, to quickly make buttons in Phaser 3 with rollover and press states. What about mobile? Sure mobile devices don't have rollovers, but it still can show the downstate. The user needs to know that the button was pressed. It is good practice to give feedback on every action ...
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My name is William Clarkson. I’ve been writing code for about 30 years now and am currently employed as a game developer for where I am writing Phaser games and apps every day. I’ve been working with Phaser for almost 2 years now and am quite impressed with it. I am actively working to replace a lot of the flash work I did in the last 6 years with Html5 content and this is the library that is working well for me. Within two weeks of starting Phaser, I was creating games just as fast as I had done after 15 years of flash!

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If you have questions, a suggestion for what you’d like to see in a post or need support there are links to groups, or just feel free to contact me. I love talking about code especially when it comes to games.  If you are into making Phaser Games already then please check out our Phaser Game makers group.

Phaser 3

Recently Phaser 3 was released. I am scrambling to update the site with resources while balancing my day job. You’ll find plenty of Phaser CE items here, and the list for Phaser 3 will continue to grow as time goes on. If you’ve any specific requests about Phaser please contact me, and I’ll do my best to accommodate.