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Phaser Games Tutorials and Resources

Here you will find a lot of free and premium resources, templates, code snippets and tutorials for building Phaser Games.  What is Phaser? Phaser is an html5/Javascript library that can work equally well on both on mobile and computers. This library is growing strongly in popularity and in many cases, it serves as a replacement for Abobe Flash. Like flash, it uses masks, sprites, tweens, animations, and groups. I have no official association with Phaser but I work in it almost every day.  You can find the official website here. It has a lot of wonderful resources. If you are just getting started building Phaser games then Click Here to see my getting started guide!

My latest Phaser Tutorials

Falling Dots 2 hour game

Making a Phaser game in an 2 hours Most of the time I spend about a week or two on ...
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Making a Title Screen In Phaser

As game developers, we usually concern ourselves with issues about how our main character is going to jump, or how ...
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Ripple Animaton in Phaser

Phaser Ripple Animation I recently needed a ripple animation for a background effect in a game I was putting together ...
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5 Time Saving Phaser Classes

Deja Vu All Over Again! If you ever get a Deja Vu feeling when you are coding, it is probably ...
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Latest Phaser Games

Fast Pop

This is a quick game I made where you have to pop the balloons as quickly as you can before ...
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Number Pop

This is a quick game that I made based on the Bubble Game Kit which was made with the Ultra ...
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Catchem-Phaser Casual Game

This is a game I came up with during the long 4th of July weekend. I decided to make a ...
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Simon Game – 1 Hour Game – Phaser

The 1 Hour Game -Simon Game Sometimes I want to challenge myself to write a game in just 1 hour. Obviously, ...
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About Me

My name is William Clarkson. I’ve been writing code for about 30 years now and am currently employed as a game developer for I’ve been working with Phaser for a little over a year and am quite impressed with it. I am actively working to replace a lot of the flash work I did in the last 6 years with Html5 content and this is the library that is working well for me. Within two weeks of starting Phaser, I was creating games just as fast as I had done after 15 years of flash!

What would you like to learn about making Phaser Games?

If you have questions, a suggestion for what you’d like to see in a post or need support there are links to groups, or just feel free to contact me. I love talking about code especially when it comes to games. Also if you publish a game please let me know as well, so I can add a link to let other developers see it.

Check out the ever-growing list of examples of games built with Phaser.