Getting Started

Quick guide to getting started with Phaser

1.Set up a local server

Phaser will not run locally on a browser, but work fine on the web. Most developers use a local server to help quickly develop games. I prefer xampp It is pretty easy to install. Here is a video showing exactly how to set it up.

2.Set up starter files

If you like to learn how to make the starting files for Phaser you can either watch the video below, or just use my basic phaser template

3.Follow some basic tutorials

I have a lot of Basic Phaser Tutorials. I would suggest starting with something like Adding an Image to Phaser or just follow the video below!

4.Use the Snippets Library

It is easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new programming language. I sometimes forget exactly what the syntax for a particular bit of code. To help I made these Phaser Snippets to help speed up production!