Phaser Resources

Here are some of my favorite Phaser resources for building games


To get the needed .js files, along with a treasure trove of information, visit the official Phaser site:


Making games with Phaser: Color Zap

Phaser Resources Books

This is my own book. Free to Amazon Unlimited readers.

by Jorge Palacios
I read this book when starting out with Phaser. I learned a lot from it.
I have not read this one, but Emanuele’s blog (see below) is where I first heard about Phaser. I followed his flash work for years.


My youtube channel has lots of Phaser tutorials, trick, and tips


When I am building a game I always check out first to see if there is something free. Also, have a look at their background music and sound effects

Kenny is a graphic designer with a heart of gold. He has 1000’s of free game assets.

Graphic River – very high-quality art resources, but can be a bit pricey.

Game Dev Market-good quality and affordable game artwork.


First, check out my phaser blog on this site

Emanuele Feronato has a lot of good information on his blog and I’ve been following him for many years.

If you have any Phaser Resources you’d like to be included, please contact me with a link